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Lake Altoona residents and users

Lake Altoona District
Annual Meeting
Wednesday, October 19th 6:30p.m.

(Potluck Social at 5:30p.m.)
Town of Seymour Hall
6500 Tower Drive, Eau Claire, WI

The Board and other community members are quickly getting the District ready to do the most for Lake Altoona with the Lake draw down and repair. Please attend any and all meetings as we make important decisions.

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The objective of the Lake District is to maintain the quality of
Lake Altoona for all residents of Eau Claire County.
The Lake District derives it funding from taxes levied on its members.

Good news for Wisconsin lakes!
The state assembly passed a bill to prohibit lawn fertilizers that contain phosphorous.
Read here why that’s a very good thing.

The Lake Altoona Board is responsible for:
  1. Initiating and coordinating research and surveys for the purpose of gathering data on the lake, related shorelands, and the drainage basin. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (a)]
  2. Planning lake protection and rehabilitation projects. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (b)]
  3. Contacting and attempting to secure the cooperation of units of general-purpose government in the area for the purpose of enacting ordinances deemed necessary by the Board to further the objectives of the District. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (c)]
  4. Adopting and carrying out lake protection and rehabilitation plans and obtaining any necessary permits therefore. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (d)]
  5. Maintaining liaison with those officials of state government involved in lake protection and rehabilitation. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (e)]

Lake Altoona Rehabilitation & Protection District Bylaws

Eau Claire County
Send correspondence to:
Lake Altoona District

PO box 92
Altoona, WI 54720

Board Members

Steve Toperzer

Doug Kranig
Town of Seymour
Paul Johnson
Bruce Willett
Cty. Bd. Rep

Greg Kotecki

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